Moon (Debut Trailer)

Moon Poster Moon is a refreshingly philosophical and ultimately touching indie reflection on a genre that too often loses sight of character and story amid the wizardry of its special effects; told in the classic filmmaking tradition of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Set in the near future, Moon stars Sam Rockwell (Frost/Nixon, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind) as Sam Bell, an astronaut assigned by Lunar Industries to a three-year mission mining Helium 3 on the moon, the earth’s new energy source. As his contract comes to an end and Sam’s health starts to deteriorate, painful headaches, hallucinations and a lack of focus lead to an almost fatal accident. While recuperating, Sam meets a younger, angrier version of himself, who claims to be there to fulfill the same three- year contract Sam started all those years ago. The directorial feature debut from Duncan Jones, Moon also includes the voice of Kevin Spacey (21, American Beauty) as “Gerty,” the lunar base’s mysterious robot, whose mission is to keep Sam Bell occupied and on task. Moon is produced by Stuart Fenegan (Liberty Films) and Trudie Styler (Xingu Films) and written by Nathan Parker from a story by Duncan Jones. (Source)

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