MP4 Encodes for 2011-05-23

  • Bride Flight (Theatrical Trailer): 1080p
  • Cars 2 (Theatrical Trailer 2): 1080p
  • Empire of Silver (Theatrical Trailer): 720p
  • Fright Night (Theatrical Trailer): 1080p
  • Green Lantern (3D Theatrical Trailer): 1080p
  • Horrible Bosses (Teaser Trailer): 1080p
  • Our Idiot Brother (Theatrical Trailer): 1080p
  • Project Nim (Theatrical Trailer): 1080p
  • Rejoice and Shout (Theatrical Trailer): 1080p
  • The Adventures of Tintin (Teaser Trailer): 1080p
  • The Future (Theatrical Trailer): 1080p
  • Transformers: Dark of the Moon (3D Theatrical Trailer): 1080p
  • Viva Riva! (Theatrical Trailer): 1080p
  • We Are The Night (Theatrical Trailer): 720p

Empire of Silver (Theatrical Trailer)

Empire of Silver (2011) Poster China,1899. In a land of exquisite beauty and timeless tradition a young man known as ‘Third Master’ is the heir to a banking fortune he cares little about. However, after his brother’s wife is kidnapped he reluctantly submits to the pressure of his title and his father, Lord Kang. Lord Kang is determined to prepare his son for financial leadership by molding Third Master into his own image. But the strong-willed businessman’s methods do not sit well with Third Master, who sees the salvation of his business in following the righteous path of his ancestors. Third Master and Lord Kang’s tense relationship is further complicated by the son’s feelings for his beautiful young stepmother — his first and only love — stolen from him by his own father. The fate of the banking empire and its most powerful family now lies with one idealistic young man torn between the needs of the people, the duty to his family, and the undying love of a woman. (Source)

Download: 480p, 720p

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