Battle in Seattle (Theatrical Trailer)

Battle in Seattle (2008) Poster In 1999, five days rocked the world as tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Seattle in protest of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Environmentalists, consumer advocates, labor unions, students, anarchists and pacifists all converged, bringing attention to how the WTO’s laws were affecting democracy around the world. Among them are Django, Sam, Lou and Jay. United in their desire to be heard and to make a difference, for these protesters, this is very personal and the stakes are higher than mere politics. A peaceful demonstration to stop the WTO talks quickly escalates into a full-scale riot and an eventual State of Emergency results. The streets are mayhem, the WTO is paralyzed. Caught in the crossfire are Seattle residents, including its beleaguered mayor, a riot cop on the streets and his pregnant wife. The choices they make will change their lives forever and prove, ultimately, that ordinary people can change the world. (Source)

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Chaos Theory (Theatrical Trailer)

Chaos Theory An obsessive organizer, Frank is a devoted husband, loving father, celebrated author–and a man who is consumed with making lists. There’s a daily list for just about everything–ferry schedules, deadlines, dry cleaning–every detail of his life meticulously mapped out to keep life on track. His beautiful wife, Susan, and his 7-year-old daughter Jesse, find his obsessiveness charming, if not a little frustrating at times. After a misunderstanding with his wife reveals new truths about his family and best friend Buddy, Frank throws caution to the wind and embarks on living life by chance. (Source)

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