There Will Be Blood – Roadshow (Trailer)

There Will Be Blood - Roadshow Poster The Alamo Drafthouse and Levi’s® present the 2010 Rolling Roadshow free outdoor screening of THERE WILL BE BLOOD in Bakersfield, CA at the Kern County Museum on August 8. One of the most celebrated releases of the past decade, THERE WILL BE BLOOD is acclaimed auteur Paul Thomas Anderson’s most epic film to date. Set in the uncharted Southern California of the turn of the 20th century, the film follows ruthless oil man Daniel Plainview as he rises from lowly prospector to cruel magnate and crushes all of the little people along the way. It also tells a version of the America myth, a rags to riches story through treachery and backstabbing that acts as a great metaphor for American industrialism. Add the grand narrative the unbelievable performances by Daniel Day Lewis and Paul Dano and THERE WILL BE BLOOD rises to the status of masterpiece. (Source)

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