Star Trek (Trailer 3)

Star Trek Poster From director J.J. Abrams (“Mission: Impossible III,” “Lost” and “Alias”) and screenwriters Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman (“TRANSFORMERS,” “MI: III”) comes a new vision of the greatest space adventure of all time, “Star Trek,” featuring a young, new crew venturing boldly where no one has gone before. (Source)

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3 thoughts on “Star Trek (Trailer 3)

  1. I have to say this movie looks awesome. Never been a fan of the series, or the past movies but this is an up-to-date reboot which I think will do very well.

  2. Two thumbs up for this trailer. Though i am always being Star Trek fans, never see anything like this. Look forward for the film. Waiting for Abrams to establish new humanity future in this film.

  3. this website is beautiful just as is this trailer!
    i love this!
    cant wait for this movie either. will be my first ST film i see in a theater.

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