Rails & Ties (Theatrical Trailer)

Rails & Ties On a beautiful stretch of California coastline, a suicidal mother parks her car on a railroad crossing and awaits the arrival of a speeding train, the sleek and unstoppable Coastal Starlight. Thus begins the story of two families in physical, emotional and psychological collision–of the victim’s relatives and of the train engineer who couldn’t possibly have stopped time. (Source)

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1 thought on “Rails & Ties (Theatrical Trailer)

  1. Trailer resolution seems stretched to me. Had to squeeze it vertically to actually make it look right.

    Classic case of mom wanting to commit suicide with her son. Son doesn’t want to die and escapes. The son is later put into a foster home, but escapes, and finds the train conductor who rammed into his mom.

    Story gets rather gray here. The son likes this new family, but the old foster family is searching for him.

    Interesting storyline I must say.

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