Making Plans for Lena (Theatrical Trailer)

Making Plans for Lena (Non ma fille, tu n iras pas danser) (2010) Poster Ever since she broke up with Nigel, Léna soldiers on through life as best she can with her two kids. She valiantly overcomes the obstacles put in her way, but she has yet to confront the worst of them: her unstoppable family of do-gooders who have decided to make her happy. (Source)

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Change of Plans (Trailer No. 1)

Change of Plans Poster ‘Change of Plans (Le Code A Change)’, is a delicious comedy of manners from acclaimed Oscar and Cesar-nominated writer/director Daniele Thompson (‘Cousin Cousine’, ‘La Buche’, ‘Jet Lag’, ‘Avenue Montaigne’). The film centers around a summer dinner party where ten acquaintances, each attempting to mask their own personal troubles, come together for an evening of food, wine and friendship. It’s not long before the couples begin revealing their dissatisfaction with their partners and it becomes obvious that they are planning or having affairs. The all-star ensemble cast includes Dany Boon (‘Micmacs’), Emanuelle Seigner (‘The Diving Bell and the Butterfly’), Karin Viard (‘Paris’), and Marina Hands (‘Lady Chatterly’). (Source)

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