Megafault (Trailer)

Megafault Poster In West Virginia, Charley “Boomer” Baxter (LaSalle) is supervising the placement of mountaintop-removal explosives. As he detonates the TNT, a massive earthquake liquefies the terrain. Within hours, Dr. Amy Lane (Murphy), a government seismologist, arrives at the epicenter. Amy determines that the initial quake has exposed a deep seismic fault that runs across the center of the North American continent and threatens to tear the world in half. Now, Amy and Boomer must race ahead of the massive crack in the earth while devising a plan to stop the devastation and warn everyone in its path. (Source)

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MegaFault (Trailer Premiere)

MegaFault Poster MEGAFAULT, The Asylum’s biggest film to date… and our first original production for the Sci Fi Channel… has wrapped principal photography in Iowa.

Starring Brittany Murphy, Eriq La Salle, Bruce Davison, and Justin Hartley, this action-packed thriller about a massive global earthquake features huge effects like the one pictured here.

MEGAFAULT also represents David Michael Latt’s return to the director’s chair after almost five years.

This film will premiere on Sci Fi in the Fall and will be released on DVD shortly thereafter. (Source)

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