The Truth: The Journey Within (Theatrical Trailer)

The Truth: The Journey Within (2011) Poster THE TRUTH reveals and guides each one of us on the journey within to the discovery and answers which unlocks the depths of our creation, our full inner potential, our purpose, wisdom, peace and truth, opening up a world of infinite possibilities.

Quantum science and spirituality are now converging and beginning to reveal ways we are all connected. What would it mean to discover that in each cell of every living organism we find a message, a literal message coded in to the DNA of life itself? In this message lies the very power to unite human kind in a way we have perhaps never seen before. All these discoveries are happening at precisely a time when the experts are telling us that our world is faced with the greatest challenges in 5,000 years in human history, that for the first time threaten our very existence.

How we were conditioned by our parents, our role models, our social groups, and the messages we get from our media, have shaped the values and beliefs which subconsciously determine who we are. We live in a world that reflects back to us our thoughts, emotions and beliefs. What we are seeing in the discoveries of quantum science and in newly discovered ancients wisdom books and teachings, is that much of what we thought we knew and have based our lives on is not the full story. These discoveries lead us to a new Enlightenment we call The Truth as we explore the journey within. This journey can bridge the gaps between our subconscious and conscious minds, in effect replacing the stories from our prior conditioning, helping us to clear our self-limiting beliefs, freeing us to live more integrated and empowered lives.

The Truth will provide powerful, practical interactive teaching tools and exercises to help us break free from the patterns, beliefs, and conditionings that have, to date, shaped our views and beliefs and modeled a world of limitations, restrictions, and fear based thinking. This 90 minute documentary film, scheduled for release Summer 2010, will weave the teachings of leading modern day thinkers and scientific experts, coming not as self appointed experts, but as Fellow Travelers, who come to guide us and provide on-going support in our collective journey to transformation.

There is the same longing in each one of us to contribute, to connect, to find our place in this world, to make a difference for ourselves, our children and our future generations. Man has searched for the truth since the beginning of time. The time is now to discover the journey of a lifetime, the journey to your truth. (Source)

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