Please Point To Our New RSS Feed Location

RSS IconWe’ve finally gotten around to automating our RSS feed and will shortly stop posting movie trailers to our blog. The current scheduled cut off date is Saturday 11/19. So for the next week, we’ll still be posting trailers to our blog, giving any application or service that uses our blog feed a chance to update.

Previously we used the blog to post HD clips and trailers from other sources, but with the most recent set of updates we’ve made, it’s rendered all movie trailer blog postings as duplicates.

The new feed location is at:

The formatting of the new feed should be pretty much identical. If you hit into issues, please let us know.

Our blog will remain as a source of development news afterwards.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

We’ll post a final update on 11/19.

News Feed Update

So apparently our news feed is very popular. I was surprised when I found out that it accounted for almost 30% of my blog traffic. For some time I’ve been meaning to look into FeedBurner and see if it would be useful for us. Plus I’m a stats whore. Haha, thinking back, I’ve also been recently called a trailers whore too. Never thought about myself that way, but it makes sense.

Anyway, what started out as research at 4am, turned into why don’t I just give it a try. Setting up was a lot simpler than I thought. After logging in using my Google account, I was allowed to immediately add a new feed and select my own feed address:

After setting it up, it provided me options on how to easily point my existing feeds to its service. They even have an awesome WordPress plugin: FeedBurner FeedSmith and setting that up was extremely simple.

It appears now any feed requests will automatically be redirected to FeedBurner, so no updates to your RSS reader should be necessary, unless of course you want to. If anyone is hitting into issues with the new RSS feed, please do let us know in the comments.

Hopefully by offloading the RSS feed to FeedBurner, the rest of the site and blog would perform better. 😀