The Bridge (Short Film)

The Bridge PosterA young soldier, separated from his regiment, joins a small squad on a dangerous patrol in Nazi Italy where they all learn the true meaning of loyalty. (Source)

YouTube: 480p, 720p

My friend Sheldon Schwartz directed The Bridge, a short film that takes place during World War 2. It’s done extremely well and on a very small budget. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend checking it out.

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Forest Demon (Teaser)

Forest Demon

Italy, 1945 – Though the second world war is coming to an end, outposts of the Axis still lie scattered across Italy. Deep in the forest, a small squad of US infantrymen stumble upon a Japanese-American soldier that has become separated from the 442nd. While most are accommodating, one private must battle his inner demons before it costs the lives of his entire unit. (Source)

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