This site was created for the sole purpose of allowing you to easily download HD (High Definition) movie trailers. Most HD movie trailer sites try to obscure the real download link, forcing you to wait while the trailer buffers. Our goal is to provide easy access to HD movie trailers, where you can download the trailer or stream it directly, watch it in your own time whenever you want, and on the device and screen of your preference.

Most of our sources supply HD movie trailers in QuickTime format (*.mov). Some of our sources also provide them in Windows Media Video format (*.wmv). And thanks to Alex who will be providing 1080p MP4 encodings which you can play back on your PlayStation 3 (PS3) and XBOX 360 console machines.

Now go download some HD movie trailers and enjoy the beauty of it.








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  1. Hello. I love your site BUT I am having a problem with the downloading. Where should I sign In here becouse during the download it asks me for the user name and password. Please help. Without your site… no more trailers for me .

  2. hey thanks for the site man i use it alot. But is it ok if i post the flash file in the comments so that people can see the trailer before they download the HD version?

  3. I’m not sure if the comment system allows you to post flash objects, but if it accepts it, be my guest ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve been thinking about doing something similar, but haven’t found a easy automated way to do it yet.

  4. hey man awesome site,but a few questions
    -how many people run this site?
    -do you post the trailers the MINUTE they’re released?
    -are you not allowed not have ads?how do you make money? do you?

  5. So far the HD-Trailers.net team only consists of me. That may change in the future.

    The main index checks for new trailers hourly. The blog trailers get updated once or twice a day. The blog postings aren’t automated yet, but that’s one of the few things that I hope to get working soon.

    Regarding ads, I’m still experimenting. I do have an ad on the blog itself, but it doesn’t really generate much yet.

  6. Hey! Great site. Am I the only one having downloading problems though? It’s not a HUGE issue, but when I download from the links on this site, most of them seem to get to about 70/80% and then timeout? Not all, just most… Any ideas?

    Apart from that, brilliant idea! Thanks a lot! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. RE: farzad

    I’m not exactly sure what your Samsung home theater consists of. Is there a PC as part of your home theater? If not, you’ll need to use some sort of media extender (i.e. Xbox 360 or PS3) to get the the full HD glory onto your home theater system.

  8. RE: Krunk

    I want to run .mov files in my samsung home theater but it can not run this format .

    i must just buy xbox 360 to run .mov HD file ?

    is there any way to convert this .mov file to avi to divX without any quality change ?

  9. RE: farzad, so I still have no idea what a Samsung home theater is… Typically a home theater refers to all the little units that comprise of a home theater (i.e. receiver, speakers, dvd player, TV, etc.)

    Saying your home theater can’t play a certain format doesn’t give me any clue as to what you’re trying to play the HD trailers on.

    There are many tools to convert .mov to divx, but I can’t personally attest to how good the conversions are. You would have better luck doing a search for that.

  10. RE: samsung home theater
    Runnig .mov videos on dvd – blue-ray player is impossible. If you want to see your trailers follow these steps:
    1) watch if your DVD player or BlueRay player support Divx (if yes, there is the divx logo on it)
    2) then download and instal Rad Video Tools and Divx Encoder
    3) follow the steps of this page (http://www.videohelp.com/oldguides/mov2avi) to convert to AVI but, when Rad ask you for the compression format, chose “DivX 6.8 Codec”.
    4) burn the AVI file on a disc and enjoy your trailer!

  11. USERNAME AND PASSWORD ?? am using a download manager (IDM) after 80% of download it gets no response and when i try to continue the download it asks for USERNAME n PASSWORD…..PLZ help buddies………..great site

  12. RE: freakk

    Yahoo! Movie Trailers are known to have such a problem. For now, I recommend not using a download manager or disable multi-part download.

    I believe Apple Movie Trailers works fine with most download managers.

  13. Hi Krunk,
    I like your blog, but would it be possible to add the genre of each movie – like drama, horror, action, etc.? That would give a first impression of the movies before downloading hundreds of megabytes… ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Interesting site you have here, I was wondering what you would suggest for finding specific HD trailers.

    I ask because I am trying to find the HD trailer for Final Fantasy VII:Advent Children Complete (it’s the HD rerelease of the movie) and it seems to be non-existent. The best I have found is a 640×360 video off gametrailers.net. :-\

  15. RE: Izzle

    It’s very likely that it just doesn’t exist or isn’t out yet. Search engines would be my first suggestion. Next probably fan sites or reading comments where the trailer is posted and I’m pretty sure you’re not the only one looking for the HD version.

    A quick preliminary search only resulted in a 640×360 also at GameVideos.com

    I did find this thread with some HD screenshots Square Enix has released: forum.blu-ray.com

    Hope that helps!

  16. Just emailed you to a link of Metal Gear Solid 4: Courage trailer.

    It’s going to be arguably one of the biggest games of 2008 on the PS3, and it looks great in HD. Mind posting it on the blog?

  17. Hi ,

    i did not read the msg here that idm is not supported for yahoo , so do i have cancel the 80% downloaded file, then it will b a waste of bandwidth , where can i get the username and pass?

  18. Ah… As I’ve noted earlier:

    If youโ€™re using a download accelerator, Yahoo! trailers are known to have problems like that.

    If you disable multiple download streams at the same time, it should work and should not prompt you for username/password.

  19. I love it…i very very love it … now i can see Video HD at Resolution hight ^^! … but when download 80% or 50 %, it asks me for the user name and password .. i don’t Known and end-down….hix…please help

  20. Great site! I’m a regular now. On each movie’s page, are the trailers in order from newest to oldest (or vice-versa)? Sometimes I’ll see that a movie has a new trailer, but I can’t tell from the names which one is the new one. Thanks!

  21. Unfortunately, they’re grouped by source and alphabetized by name. The current way to figure out which one is the newest is by clicking on the HD-Trailers Blog link and checking which one was the newest posted.

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