Switching from FeedBurner to FeedPress

Looks like we’ll be switching from FeedBurner to FeedPress. We gotten a lot of emails recently saying our feed is broken and after looking into the issue, it appears that FeedBurner is having issues downloading our feed, where once in a while it only downloads part of it.

After monitoring our FeedBurner for the past 24hrs using UptimeRobot, we’re seeing a lot of errors:


Btw, UptimeRobot is awesome! We were able to tell it to monitor W3C’s feed validator and tell us when our feed ever failed validation. It’s a free service, pings every 5 minutes, and you can add up to 50 monitors!

We’ve also been monitoring our newly created FeedPress feed which references the same reference feed and it’s never had any issues.

The nice thing about switching over to FeedPress is that because I’ve already been using a custom domain name (feeds.hd-trailers.net), the URL to my feed will remain the same. I just made sure my FeedPress feed used the same path and updated the CNAME to redirect.feedpress.me.

The DNS CNAME propagation may take some time. You shouldn’t have to update anything if you’re already using the correct feed URL: http://feeds.hd-trailers.net/hd-trailers

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