Blog Movie RSS Feed is now officially discontinued

The Death of RSSJust wanted to remind you if you haven’t already switched to our new movie RSS feed, you should do it now! Because as of right now, the blog movie RSS feed is officially discontinued. New movie trailers will no longer be posted to the blog, meaning if you’re depending on the blog RSS feed for movie trailer updates, they’ll no longer appear. Instead the blog will be kept mainly for development news announcements.

New RSS Feed:

You also have the option of following us on Facebook and Twitter for new trailer announcements.

Image courtesy of Isaac’s COM125

6 thoughts on “Blog Movie RSS Feed is now officially discontinued

    • The link of the RSS entry should already point to the catalog. The reason why “Link to Catalog” was added to the blog was because the old RSS entries pointed to the blog.

      • It does but it also automatically starts playing the trailer.

        Sorry, I know I’m being picky but I like to open multiple pages to trailers at a time and it’s crazy when they all start playing in the background.

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