Answers to Nothing (Theatrical Trailer)

Answers to Nothing (2011) Poster Against the backdrop of a missing girl case, lost souls throughout Los Angeles search for meaning and redemption and affect each other in ways they don’t always see.

Ryan and Kate are in a strained marriage. They are trying to have a baby, but instead of bringing them closer together the difficulties are tearing them apart. Two strangers, sharing a home, they each lead private lives unbeknownst to each other. Ryan, grew up listening to the impossible romantic story of his grandparents’ courtship, but isn’t even sure he believes in love. He hates his mother for believing that his father is coming back, even though he left her 10 years ago, and he hates himself for following in his father’s steps of infidelity.

Tara is a young singer at the center of Ryan’s infidelity who despite all her ferocious self-confidence on stage can’t seem to stand up for herself when it comes to Ryan.

Despite his inability to take care of his own personal life, Ryan is a therapist who tries to help others find their way. Allegra is his patient who is trying to understand her own type of self hatred — the resentment of her own race. Uncomfortable in her own skin, she’s the only black staff writer on the first-season TV show “Labor Pains.” She sees Ryan to try to come to terms with her inner struggles but ultimately finds what she’s looking for when she meets Evan, the manager at the club where Tara regularly performs. Evan is a distracted daydreamer and a hopeless romantic who has seemingly been “preparing” for years to be the ideal boyfriend for the girl he finally meets. He meets Allegra while posting signs about a lost dog he found.

Meanwhile Kate carries the burden of desperately wanting a child in ways she can’t express to Ryan or her best friend Frankie. She secretly buys baby clothes and hides them away. As a lawyer, she tries to throw herself into a particularly hard case involving Drew, a recovering alcoholic battling her parents for custody of her severely disabled brother, a former marathon runner. As the court date approaches Drew is determined to run the only major race her brother never ran, the LA Marathon, and push him in his wheelchair across the finish line.

Meanwhile the case of a missing 11 year-old girl continues to play out on television and Frankie, the lead detective, is taking this one personally. A single, divorced mom of a girl the same age, she has a hard time separating the personal and the professional. And she isn’t the only one. Carter is a teacher at Frankie’s daughter’s school. Carter feels like a doormat in much of his life and the missing girl case makes him feel even more helpless. Soon the heroic deeds he engages in at night in the virtual world of his online video game begin to inspire him to do the same in the real world. Fantasy and reality begin to blur leading him to confront his neighbor living down the hallway of his apartment building. Jerry is a beat cop and recent widower who spends much of his day visiting random wakes of others who have lost someone just to listen to the eulogies.

Carter wants to know why the man who appears to be a prime suspect has not been taken into custody. Jerry tries to explain that there are legal procedures that need to be considered but all this does is lead Carter to attempt to take the law into his own hands. (Source)

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