The Wayshower (Trailer)

The Wayshower Poster Running from his mistakes, Jesus heads to Helper, Utah to reconnect with his mentor/teacher’s past. Through dreams and a Mystical book, he learns from his mentor’s past-life mistakes. He realizes he must confront his own inner conflict, forgiving the past and self examining himself, he finds peace and reunites with his Mentor/teacher. (Source)

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1 thought on “The Wayshower (Trailer)

  1. I love this film. I’ve seen it a bunch of times now and I keep on seeing more, experiencing more, learning more each time. The acting is solid, and the story takes you on a ride and gives you this tangible profound experience.
    I’ll be at the screening at the FirstGlance Film Festival in Hollywood for sure. Directors/writers John-Roger and Jsu Garcia are scheduled to be there, together with cast and crew. Very exciting. oh and i love this trailer (youtube)

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