Sanctum (Out of Air)

Sanctum (2011) Poster Master diver Frank McGuire has explored the South Pacific’s Esa-ala Caves for months. But when his exit is cut off in a flash flood, Frank’s team – including 17-year-old son Josh and financier Carl Hurley – are forced to radically alter plans. With dwindling supplies, the crew must navigate an underwater labyrinth to make it out. Soon, they are confronted with the unavoidable question: Can they survive, or will they be trapped forever? (Source)

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1 thought on “Sanctum (Out of Air)

  1. This movie looks good, it is almost like a play off the movie The Descent. However, it is all about how the movie is made and produced in order for it to be great! This movie looks like it would be rocking in HD though, especially once they get down inside the ‘darkness’. As an employee of DISH, I know the quality of HD and this is worth it! Can’t wait till it comes out on DVD!

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