Living for 32 (Trailer No. 1)

Living for 32 Poster Virginia tech shooting rampage survivor and Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence volunteer Colin Goddard embarks on a personal crusade to keep the mentally ill from obtaining firearms by proving just how easy it is to purchase the kind of weapons used by Seung-Hui Cho used to kill 32 of his classmates, and wound numerous others. Back on that fateful April day in August of 2007, Goddard became a hero by being the only person in the school to dial 911. Had no one phoned emergency services, there’s no telling how many lives Cho may have claimed before turning the gun on himself. After recovering from his wounds and completing his physical therapy, Goddard made it his life mission to ensure that a tragedy like the Virginia Tech Massacrecould never happen again. In order to do so, he outfitted himself with a hidden camera, and attempted to purchase high powered firearms at numerous gun shows. The amount of ease with which he purchased many of the weapons raised some serious questions about the heated debate over gun control, and raised some fascinating questions about what it means to be a responsible gun owner. – Jason Buchanan, Rovi (Source)

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