New Blog Theme

I’ve decided to switch to the Lightword theme for the blog. The previous theme I was using was no longer being updated and the amount of customization I had to maintain was starting to get out of hand. I found this theme simple, yet elegant.

I like the fact you can navigate to the next/previous blog posts without having to go back to the index.

This theme also allowed nested replies in the comments/discussion section, which was something I really wanted. Another perk is that this theme brought back the comment section for our tutorial pages, so we no longer have to link to a different blog post for discussion.

If you see something wrong with the layout, please do let us know.

5 thoughts on “New Blog Theme

  1. I’m also not seeing anything that I dislike, so I’m happy with it.
    I’m also glad, that you are so devoted in giving us new downloads of Clips for Movies like IronMan2.

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