Dixie Dynamite (Trailer)

Dixie Dynamite Poster The tiny southern town of Westabooga, Alabama, run by a crusty, old, narcoleptic Japanophile sheriff named Fuquay, is caught in a far—eastern warping of time and place. All the townspeople live happily in a weird combination of small town southern culture and traditional Far East customs, or at least their perceptions of them. This is the Deep South of 1979 and the latest stop for Dirk, a handsome didgeridoo—toting AmerAsian who is traveling the world looking for his long lost father. As he blows into the quirky town, the tough and road—hardened Dirk can’t help but draw attention. Dirk gets a job bussing tables at the Westabooga Sushi Café, and romantic sparks soon fly with the pretty but bossy owner, Rose Stewart. Yet Rose already has a beau, Dewey Jr., who fancies himself a modern day samurai and runs the Double Death Dojo. Dewey Jr. does everything in his power to discredit our hero in Rose’s eyes and eventually gets him run out of town, but his plans backfire and he loses Rose in the process. With nothing left to live for, Dirk is forced to soul search through the Alabama woodlands and is visited by indigenous martial arts masters who teach him the ancient Alabama fighting techniques of Crouching Possum and Whispering Polecat. While the Sheriff is out attending the National Narcoleptic Convention, Westabooga is overrun by Dewey Jr., who is infuriated by Rose’s rejection, and his gang. The only hope for this small town lies in Dirk’s newfound skills, but will his fists and feet be enough to save Westabooga and win the heart of his true love? (Source)

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