Harlem Aria (Trailer No. 1)

Harlem Aria Poster “Harlem Aria” is an urban fairytale about Anton (Gabriel Casseus), a mentally challenged young man from Harlem, who dreams of becoming an opera singer, just like his idol, Fabiano Grazzi (Paul Sorvino). Frustrated at home, he runs away to pursue his dreams in Italy, but he is conned out of his life savings by Wes (Damon Wayans), a heartless street hustler. Anton becomes homeless on the streets of New York City, until he is discovered by Matthew (Christian Camargo), a bitter street musician whose dream of being a concert pianist have stalled. Anton becomes a minor sensation as a street musician, but both Wes and Matthew conspire to use Anton in their own self-destructive battles. Anton innocently turns the tables on them both as his love of music and compassion for people allows all of them to reach their dreams. (Source)

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