Iron Man 2 (Theatrical Trailer)

Iron Man 2 (2010) Poster The world is aware that billionaire inventor Tony Stark is the armored Super Hero Iron Man. Under pressure from the government, the press and the public to share his technology with the military, Tony is unwilling to divulge the secrets behind the Iron Man armor because he fears the information will slip into the wrong hands. With Pepper Potts, and James “Rhodey” Rhodes at his side, Tony forges new alliances and confronts powerful new forces. (Source)

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3 thoughts on “Iron Man 2 (Theatrical Trailer)

  1. I’m officially unimpressed. It seems they have followed the same road as the rest, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. I think on comparison to the first this will flop in the storyline anyway.

  2. Agree…same thing happened with Spiderman 3. Raimi’s decision to go bigger and with more villians overdid to the point of disgust. In this one however, there are [hopefully] only 2 vilians in Rourke & Rockwell’s Characters. I’m still hesitant to trust Favreeu with the Franchise but he’s is an avid Iron man fan and sometimes the fans make the best movies. Raimi was the wrong choice for the Spidey Franchise and looks whats happened now…there a complete reboot of the Spidey Franchise. Just how many “Reboots” can Hollywood punch out?

    Loved the 1st Ironman…don’t know what to make of this one. I’d rather they go with the darker “Tony’s Drinking issues” storyline. Guess they’ll hold off that till the 3rd installment.

  3. Hmm… For one thing, the only thing we have the right to judge based on this trailer is… well, the trailer itself. Anyway, much of the success of the first film was owed to its aesthetics as much as it was to its story, not to mention that one of the flaws of the first Iron Man was the lacklustre (In terms of spectacle) climax.

    As for Raimi’s Spiderman series, while the 3rd film was a mistake through and through, you would hard-pressed to find much negativity about the second film. Anyway, the reason the series is being rebooted in the first place is because Raimi left the project, was it not?

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