Inception (Trailer)

Inception Poster A contemporary sci-fi actioner set within the architecture of the mind. (Source)

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10 thoughts on “Inception (Trailer)

  1. I’m a huge Christopher Nolan fan so I guess I’ll go watch this a couple of times. Loved “The Prestige” and of course “The Dark Knight”. This kinda looks “Matrix-y” but with the cast…you can’t go wrong. If anyone can pull off a heath-ledger impersonation…its joseph gordon-levitt. Put him in the 3rd Batman. Heath and the little kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun couldlve been twins. Support Nolan!

  2. Simply spellbinding. It has the Stamp of an Epic all over it.

    By the way, there’s also a version on Youtube. Just posting the link as my contribution towards this wonderful site. Both the 720p and the 1080p versions can be viewed via the same link.

  3. I believe Alex is waiting for a better source than Apple before uploading an encode, given Apple plaster their watermark on the bottom right of the video.

  4. I’m guessing that Apple has ALL exclusivity when it comes to getting HD trailers before any other distributors like yahoo, am I right? If so, then that’s sad cuz no one uses their .mov codec. Such a bloated and size consuming format. Besides torrents, I’d like to see .mkv’s or even .divx implemented. It’ll never happen though.

    PC FTW!

  5. Before the Holiday period just gone Apple was almost exclusively given all the indie trailers, and was a little slow on bigger named movie titles. Yahoo has been for most of the year the provider to get the majority of the so called big trailers, days, or weeks before the other providers.

    I’m also a fan of the MKV container but until more devices are compliant, they aren’t used much. When they are they could hold additional audio streams and/or subtitles for non-english speaking people.

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