Shutter Island (Theatrical Trailer)

Shutter Island (2010) Poster Two U.S. Marshalls are sent to a federal institution for the criminally insane located in Boston’s Outer Harbor to capture a violent female escapee. (Source)

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2 thoughts on “Shutter Island (Theatrical Trailer)

  1. Scoresese’s doin horror films now? First with Sam Raimi with drag me to hell, and now martin with this. Hey, i’ll watch anything with Leo in it.He’s come along way in terms of his acting abilities…bet he was shooting this and Nolan’ inception back-to-back. Looks good. I need a good ol’ horror movie with some plot and hopefully a big-time directer like Martin and a leading A-lister like Leo will tempt me to actually go the the cinemas.
    This and the Wolfman are probably the only two horror movies i’m goin to see this year.

    Thanks for the mp4 encode.

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