The Final Destination (Trailer)

The Final Destination Poster After a teen’s premonition of a deadly race-car crash helps save the lives of his peers, Death sets out to collect those who evaded their end. The film marks the latest in the highly popular ‘Final Destination’ series, and its first 3D installment. (In theaters August 28th, 2009) (Source)

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5 thoughts on “The Final Destination (Trailer)

  1. Just seen this popping up on YouTube about 3-4 hours ago and thought I missed something somewhere.

    It looks like it will be a good 3D film for sure, I personally enjoyed My Bloody Valentine 3D. But it is like the series of the film Saw, it has no real story except for some grotesque human torture / deaths and I think it is getting old.

    But like I said looking forward to the 3D experience more than anything.

  2. At first I thought this was a remake of the original Final Destination, but in 3D. However according to IMDb, this appears to be a new one called “The” Final Destination. The working title was: Final Destination 4

  3. The other thing that bothers me about this trailer is that you see all the “out of the sceeen” 3D parts in 2D and practically how everyone of them dies, which saves what for the trip to the cinema?

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