The Song of Sparrows (Theatrical Trailer)

The Song of Sparrows (2009) Poster Karim works on an ostrich farm and manages to earn a decent living. But one day one of the ostriches runs away, and Karim is deemed responsible and is fired. During a trip into town to get his daughter’s hearing aid repaired, Karim gives a man a ride on the back of his motorbike in return for a fee. In view of how lucrative it turns out to be, he decides to continue this taxi service on a regular basis. Every day he rides into town, bringing back with him all kinds of rummage–old furniture, car parts, etc. His contact with the city dwellers and their way of life changes Karim. Bit by bit his pretty little courtyard is transformed into an ugly, uncomfortable storeroom. And Karim, who was once a friendly and generous man, becomes rapacious and wealth is the only thing that concerns him. Then one night when he is sorting out his junk, he falls off a pile and breaks his foot. Obliged to take to his sickbed, he watches as his family struggle to earn a living and observes how much support they receive from the neighbors during this difficult time. Soon, the house begins to change and so does Karim. (Source)

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