Timecrimes (Trailer)

Timecrimes Poster A man who travels accidentally back to the past and meets himself there. A naked girl in the midst of the forest. A weird guy with his face covered by a pink bandage.A disquieting mansion on the top of a hill. All of them pieces of an unpredictable jigsaw puzzle where terror, drama and suspense will lead to an unthinkable sort of crime. Who’s the murdered? Who’s the victim? Nacho Vigalondo’s Timecrimes (Spain) is the third film in Magnet’s “Six Shooter Film Series,” a series of six films highlighting the vanguard of genre cinema from around the globe. Preceded by Let the Right One In and Special, three other films will follow over the coming months: Ollie Blackburn’s Donkey Punch (UK), Big Man Japan (Japan) and Eden Log (France). (Source)

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