Everybody Wants To Be Italian (Trailer)

Everybody Wants To Be Italian Poster EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE ITALIAN was inspired by Jason’s experiences while living and practicing medicine in Boston, where he met and eventually won the love of his Italian wife. Jason’s freshman effort was UNREST, a medical thriller set in the all too world of gross anatomy class, where Alison Blanchard must confront the spirit of her cadaver as well as her own inner demons if she is to save her classmates. Stemming from his own experience as a medical student, Jason has long been struck by what a viscerally unique and terrifying environment gross anatomy is. After Dark Films and Lionsgate released it theatrically in 2006 as part of the 8 FILMS TO DIE FOR. Jason got his start in filmmaking years after he dropped out of high school to study biochemistry and ultimately earn a medical degree. He was knee deep in a general surgery residency when he realized his true passion was education…and the largest classroom in the world is the cinema. Jason left medicine to attend USC’s Peter Stark Program. While there, he directed the thesis level films PEEPING TOM and THE FIRST VAMPIRE. Jason spends whatever time he is not writing and directing with his family or shooting still photography. (Source)

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