Informational Links

I’ve updated the main trailer pages to now include informational links near the bottom, above the social networking links. It currently has links to:

  • Blog
  • Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
  • Rotten Tomatoes
  • Yahoo! Movies
  • Internet Movie Poster Awards (IMP Awards)

They’re basically linked to their individual search engines, but the results tend to be useful.

If you have suggestions on what other informational links to add, please feel free to leave a comment.

I’ve also added poster switching ability. Previously if there’s a movie poster from both Apple and Yahoo!, I only display the Apple one. I felt the Yahoo! poster might get lonely. Therefore if a trailer has 2 posters, when you hover the mouse above the poster image, it’ll get switched to the secondary poster.

2 thoughts on “Informational Links

  1. Great! Nice feature. 😀 One thing I miss is when I read about a trailer on the blog (RSS FTW) I miss a direct link to the film-page. (I usually want to use the summary page when I tip friends about a great trailer).

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