Little Chenier (Trailer)

Little Chenier Living on a houseboat in the Louisiana bayou, Beaux Dupuis (Johnathon Schaech) and his mentally handicapped brother, Pemon (Fred Koehler), try to make ends meet at their local bait shop. The two live a simple life until Pemon is accused of a crime in the town and Beaux must protect his brother against all odds. (Source)

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2 thoughts on “Little Chenier (Trailer)

  1. Little Chenier was the worse movie I have ever seen. It portayed Louisianians as illiterate people, which is not true. I have lived in Louisiana for 47 years, and I do not know of one person who speaks in such a manner. The movie was offensive.

  2. I didn’t find the film offensive at all, unsettling, yes, offensive, no. It was about a small segment of the population in Louisiana and to that end, I believe it was pretty darn accurate. And the film itself was beautifully executed and won a lot of awards. But I know what you mean, being of Greek extraction, I was offended by that Greek wedding movie.

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