Weirdsville (Teaser Trailer)

Weirdsville When Dexter and Royce, a couple of dope-head slackers, mistakenly assume their friend Matilda has overdosed they figure they can’t call the cops because she’s OD’d on stolen drugs. So, they naturally decide to bury her body themselves in the basement of the small town’s Drive-In Theatre that is closed for the winter. Good news is she’s not dead. Bad news is she wakes up and interrupts a Satanic cult performing a ritual sacrifice in the same place the guys were going to bury her. The three of them end up on the run from the Satanists, the sadistic drug dealer they stole the stash from, and a gang of angry little people. And it all takes place in one crazy night. (Source)

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1 thought on “Weirdsville (Teaser Trailer)

  1. Weird it is… I really have no idea what the point of the movie is so far. Appears to be some idiots who owe some money, take up a job to bury a body, but couldn’t do it due to their conscience.

    Then somehow Satan worshipers and midgets get involved…


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