The Bucket List (Theatrical Trailer)

The Bucket List Two terminally ill men try to fulfill a wish list known as “The Bucket List” before each kicks the bucket. After they break out of a cancer ward, they head off on a road trip with an itinerary that includes racing cars, eating giant plates of caviar and slinging poker chips in Monte Carlo. (Source)

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1 thought on “The Bucket List (Theatrical Trailer)

  1. The bucket list refers to the list of things you want to do before you die and I’m assuming Morgan Freeman is about to die, and Jack Nicholson being rich decides to be friendly and helps Morgan Freeman fulfill all his wishes.

    However, Jack has some family problems, and Morgan wanting to repay his kindness tries to help him patch up his family.

    Looks like another feel good type movie. Not really sure how exciting the storyline could get, but with two superb actors, maybe something magical will happen.

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