Silk (Theatrical Trailer)

Silk In the mid 19th century, a silkworm merchant travels from France to Japan to locate silkworm eggs that are uncontaminated by the epidemic that threatens Europe’s silk supply. The merchant falls in love with the occidental concubine of a Japanese baron, though he has a loyal and doting wife awaiting his return. (Source)

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4 thoughts on “Silk (Theatrical Trailer)

  1. Welp, this movie has 2 hot chicks: Keira Knightley and Sei Ashina (appears to be a new actor). Mixes up western culture and eastern culture.

    I thought the trailer had some corny bits:

    each journey he takes
    opens his eyes
    every step away from her
    brings him closer to understanding the mystery
    at the center of his own heart

    Honestly, I wouldn’t understand why anyone would step away from Keira Knightley.

    The Japanese samurai looking guy looked very familiar, though it appears that I don’t really know him: Kôji Yakusho.

  2. I just noticed the trailer has been removed from both the Yahoo! HD Trailers page and the Yahoo! Movies info page. However, the direct links to the trailers still work.

    If the links do die, please leave a note, and I’ll upload the 1080p version.

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