Elizabeth: the Golden Age (Trailer)

Elizabeth: the Golden Age Reprising the roles they originated in seven-time Academy Award-nominated Elizabeth, Cate Blanchett and Geoffrey Rush return for a gripping historical thriller laced with treachery and romance—The Golden Age. Joining them in the epic is Clive Owen as Sir Walter Raleigh, a dashing seafarer and newfound temptation for Elizabeth. (Source)

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1 thought on “Elizabeth: the Golden Age (Trailer)

  1. A very well done trailer, even better than the original Elizabeth (which is directed by the same director). It’d be interesting to see if this movie told the whole story in the trailer or if there’s plenty of good surprises around the corner.

    I personally thought Cate Blancett’s acting was superb in this trailer.

    There was one phrase which stood out for me:

    We will not fear the coming ot the shadow of death.

    That sounds familiar. Sounds like it might be from the bible. Either way, that phrase stood out because it sounded very awkward to me. Maybe it’s just old English.

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