Death Sentence (Trailer)

Death Sentence Nick Hume (Kevin Bacon) is a mild-mannered executive with a perfect life, until one gruesome night he witnesses something that changes him forever. Transformed by grief, Hume eventually comes to the disturbing conclusion that no length is too great when protecting his family. (Source)

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1 thought on “Death Sentence (Trailer)

  1. In the trailer, when Kevin Bacon asks, “How do I make it stop?”, somehow the way the lawyer lady responds with “You started a war. God help you.” really annoyed the heck out of me.

    I mean she’s a lawyer and if Kevin can show his family is under danger, I’m pretty sure the police would be able to provide protection or capture the people trying to help him. The way the lawyer lady said it seemed like Kevin was all alone in this battle and the police won’t step in to protect them…

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