September Dawn (Trailer)

September Dawn In 1857, as a wagon train from Arkansas and a group of zealot Mormons near Cedar City, Utah were fated to tragically collide, two young people fell deeply and immediately in love. Jonathan Samuelson’s heart was instantly captivated the moment he saw the striking young woman on the wagon train: Emily Hudson was equally smitten by the young Mormon who possessed a kind soul and a magical way with horses. But Jonathan’s father, Jacob Samuelson, was convinced the Gentile settlers were intending to do harm to the Mormons. Jacob bade Jonathan to spy on the settlers as he sought the advice of church elders; when his fears were then confirmed by a visitation from God, Jacob relayed the order to Brigham Young’s adopted son, John D. Lee, to kill all but the youngest of the train. Desperate to stop the battle, Jonathan defied his church and tried in vain to warn the settlers and their wagon train leader, Captain Fancher. Unable to reach them in time, imprisoned by his own father, Jonathan watched in agony as his younger brother, Micha, became swept up by the bloody fanaticism. Wrenching free of his chains Jonathan raced to the slaughter site, only to be faced with an unbearable horror. Grief-stricken, Jonathan’s search for Emily brings him to a heart-wrenching choice of love over death. (Source)

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