Sleuth (Trailer)

Sleuth A millionaire detective novelist matches wits with the unemployed actor who ran off with his wife in a deadly serious, seriously twisted game with deadly consequences. (Source)

Download: 480p, 720p, 1080p

Look like Apple decided to completely pull this trailer from their site. I can’t even find the regular movie trailer info page anymore. I still have my copy of the 1080p trailer which I downloaded yesterday and decided to upload it to FileSend: Download Link

I decided to use FileSend because it allow uploads of greater than 100MB (seems to be a limitation on many of the file sharing sites). The 1080p trailer itself is 129MB. However, it does have a wait time of 30 seconds, which is the downside. I took that into account, but the fact it has a really fast download speed, made me choose it over a couple others. I was able to download from FileSend at a sustained 600KB/s. Unfortunately, I don’t have the 480p and the 720p version. Other than that, enjoy!

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