28 Weeks Later (Trailer)

28 Weeks Later Six months have passed since the rage virus has annihilated the British Isles. The U.S. Army declares that the war against infection has been won, and that the reconstruction of the country can begin. As the first wave of refugees return, a family is reunited–but one of them unwittingly carries a terrible secret. The virus is not yet dead, and this time–showing no outward symptoms–it is more dangerous than ever. (Source)

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2 thoughts on “28 Weeks Later (Trailer)

  1. MY RATING: 6/10

    *** SPOILERS ALERT ***

    Fun to watch movie, but I found the plot holes to be annoying:

    • The children didn’t have much trouble escaping District One.
    • The poisonous gas didn’t seem to affect them, even though only a very few select car models exist that can be air tight and those are expensive models used for government officials. The fact they tried to use their shirt to block out the poisonous gas was even more absurdly ignorant.
    • Why did the father have the access key to even the medical buildings?
    • Why were there no soldier guarding the mom, even when they knew there was a chance she was infected?

    The children were also quite annoyingly stupid in my opinion, but I guess without them, there wouldn’t be a movie. The fact they escaped and went back to their house was what led them back to their infected mom. The fact that the sister didn’t kill her brother even after he got bitten and got on a helicopter has now spread the virus outside of just England and into France, which for all we know is connected to the rest of Europe, Africa, and Asia.

    Without these plot holes, the movie would not have been able to move forward the way that it did. As noted earlier, it was enjoyable to watch, but the fact that they had to introduced all these illogical workarounds to make things work just felt very defective.

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