Two New Members to the Team

I’d like to welcome 2 new members to our team: Manjunath and Alex

Awhile back, you may have remembered that I started on a side project that would provide mirroring to the HD trailers I posted. However, that took up too much of my time, and was ultimately abandoned. After that news was posted, Manjunath contacted us expressing interest in continuing to provide mirror links. At first I asked him to post the links in the comment section, but that didn’t really work out that well as Akismet was constantly blocking them, even when I had registered him as a subscriber.

Around the same time, Alex contacted us expressing interest in providing MP4 encodings of the HD trailers that people can use to watch on their Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

I needed a way to allow users to modify posts directly without giving them too much power. That’s when I found: Role Manager plugin for WordPress. It had exactly what I needed, specific knobs to enable/disable for particular users.

I have then created a new role: InfoAdder which has the ability to edit others’ published posts and save them. Soon, you’ll be seeing 2 new sets of links:

  • RapidShare Mirror:
  • MP4 Encoded:


Mirror No More

… or until I find a way to automate it. Mirroring these files are taking more time than I had anticipated. If someone of you are willing to upload to mirrors, we’re more than happy to have you post them in the comments section.

Existing mirror links will not be taken down, but moving forward, you’ll probably notice its absence.

Only in the case where it’s no longer accessible or people are having problems downloading, will I be creating mirror links that appear in the post.