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I’d like to welcome yyoyoma as the latest member to our team.

He’ll be providing RapidShare mirror links to our blog posts. I’m still currently working on a design to see if I’m able to incorporate it into our main catalog. But for now in our main catalog, you’ll find a new Mirrors link underneath the trailers.


8 thoughts on “RapidShare Mirrors

  1. The way these are added to the content (and subsequently, the feed) breaks the HD-Trailers.NET Downloader application.

    Can it please be reverted to the way it was?


  2. @Chas:

    I’m not quite sure how adding RapidShare Mirror links to the feeds is any different than how we’ve been adding MP4 encodes and YouTube links. You may want to consult with app’s owner to find out what’s going on.

  3. Thanks Krunk.
    I’ve done some looking into it and the app relies on the primary links being in an html block that begins with


    that ends with

    and has a quality value in it (I think!)

    This has been ok in the past because mostly the MP4 didn’t have a quality value or the link block ended in a but now the primary links are followed by the rapidshare links (with only a ) and both have a quality value in the string. This is where the issue is.

    I remember reading that there isn’t any more development on the app as the author doesn’t have the time so it may be worth removing it as a link in the sidebar.

    (If the html doesn’t make it to the comment, I’ll send a mail with the details)

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