Apple Trailer Links Are Working

As I tweeted earlier, Apple trailer links are once again working. However, the links themselves had to be tweaked a bit. In order to download directly, you’ll have to modify the domain from to Once the URL is modified, you can once again use it to direct download. For full detailed instructions, I’ve updated the tutorial.

So far I’ve fixed the main catalog as well as my blog entries. If you see issues with any particular trailer, please let me know.

Personally, I have no idea if this is only a temporary solution or not. Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope Apple doesn’t feel evil again.

We have Dave to thank for this hint.

8 thoughts on “Apple Trailer Links Are Working

  1. Anyone using Download Trailers v.2 to download the trailers will find it has stopped working. To get it working again add the following line to your HOSTS file.

    It redirects to

  2. Anyone recommend a good free download manager which resumes broken downloads when the connection drops.

    My internet connection is once again giving me grief, and with a slow internet speed of 2MB I really could use a download manager.


  3. I put in a yahoo url into the manager and it began downloading. However my internet connection completely cut off for 2 minutes, and upon the connection coming back it didn’t seem to resume. I did click pause, then resume then it said filesize mismatch or something and then completely stopped.

    Any ideas?

    I downloaded a trial version of a program called GetRight which does a good job and is a standalone program however when I put the url in it was downloading a dll file with hundreds of megabytes rather than the .mov extension. Do you think a rename from .dll to .mov would work?

  4. Yahoo links are weird, in that it’s a redirection. If you try to resume with the original URL it works, but if you try to resume from the redirected URL, you get an auth error. I’m not sure which URL DTA resumes from.

    Also, remember if you try to download multiple parts from Yahoo at the same time, you could end up with the auth error too.

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