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Update 2015/01/21: Yahoo! has changed the URL for retrieving video streams.

Update 2014/05/18: Yahoo! has switch to a new design for their movie pages. The underlying download mechanism hasn’t changed. Once you find the content_id (sometimes called the media_id), you’ll just need to follow the instructions below. I’ll try and find sometime later this week to update this tutorial.

Update 2013/04/06: Finally found time to explain how to download using their new system. Do be warned though, the instructions can get rather complicated and is not for the weak-minded.

Update 2012/12/23: Yahoo! has once again changed their API and the way to get the direct download URL this time is a lot more complicated. Hopefully I will find some time to update this tutorial shortly.

Update 2012/01/21: Yahoo! has revamped their site and I’ve generated a quick tutorial on how to download HD trailers using their new site. The instructions are a bit rough, so if you need clarification, please feel free to ask in the comments area.

This tutorial was meant to teach you how to download HD Trailers from Yahoo! Movies.

Where to find the trailers:

Yahoo! no longer has a dedicated page for HD trailers and they don’t easily distinguish which videos have HD and which don’t. You can visit their movie trailers page or find the movie you want and click on the Trailers tab.

What to do once you’ve picked a trailer:

Once you’ve picked a trailer, you’ll have to make sure you have a ‘video’ URL and not a ‘trailers’ URL. For example, the latest Carrie trailer can be found either on OR You’ll want to make sure your URL looks like the latter by replacing movie/carrie-2013/trailers with video.

Update 2013/04/15: It has come to my attention that URLs that have ymovies-6393699 will not work with these instructions. I have not found a way to get direct download links from them, only rtmp links.

Next, you’ll need to extract the content id. You’ll need to view the source of the page when the trailer is playing. I’m going to use the latest Carrie trailer for example. If you view the source of that page, you’ll find the following:

YUI.namespace("Media").CONTENT_ID = "b61427ff-58a1-3839-9832-3de79481dab4";

What you need to extract is the content id: b61427ff-58a1-3839-9832-3de79481dab4

Once you have the the content id, insert it into the following URL:[CONTENT_ID]?protocol=http&format=mp4

replacing [CONTENT_ID] with the content id you extracted earlier. Using the Carrie trailer example, you should have the following URL:

How to download the actual trailer:

The final step is easy. Open the link you just generated.

What you get back is a list of all the videos in different resolutions that is supported. It may be hard to understand at first, but should be pretty simple after I explain what it means.

You can break up the data since each video is encapsulated inside a {…}. By searching for width and height, you should be able to find the resolution you want. For example, the 1080p trailer data looks like this:


Next you’ll need to find the host and combine it with the path, resulting in this URL:

Open that URL in your browser or download manager and you should be able to save the trailer to your hard disk.

One thing to note is that the download URL you just generated is temporary and the link will expire. If you’ve waited too long, you’ll need to refresh the page with the content id in the URL, and new download URLs should be provided.

Hope this helps!

Using Download Managers:

For those using a download manager (i.e. FlashGet, DownloadThemAll!, etc.), you may experience some issues where you’d be prompted to enter a username/password. The cause for this as it turns out is Yahoo! isn’t too fond of users simultaneously downloading multiple pieces of the same trailer. My recommendation is to download directly from the browser or use a download utility such as wget or curl.

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  1. Mr. Krunk dude, thanks for answering so quickly, but I did that already. The file that is saved has 0kb, zero, nada, zip, no “sid” to be found, nothing to look at or analyze or… you get the point!

  2. Interesting… It appears to be a problem with IE. You see, those links have referral detection and if the referral isn’t within’s domain, they redirect you away. Firefox appears to be sending the referral URL when saving the file, but IE doesn’t appear to do so.

    I’d recommend trying a different browser or having a download utility to do this.

  3. RE: Sweetnothing

    Unfortunately the default videos aren’t standardized in any particular way that I know of and can be using a wide variety of codecs/video players: flash, wmv, mov, etc.

    If I find some time, I might take a look into it and see if there’s a way to get that file. If the file you want is flash, you can easily look in your Firefox cache and the most recent large file (over 1MB) typically is what you’re looking for. Just rename it to *.flv

  4. Actually, I took a look at it and it’s actually not that complicated. Take a look at this url. You can get the URL on the trailers page located in the shortcut link underneath “Video Title”.

    Once you copied the link/shortcut, break them apart based on the comma (,) into:


    Do note these are all the different formats available and are read like this:

    For example, the first one would be:
    Video ID: 5212998
    Bitrate: 700kbps
    Video Type: wmv
    SID: 50446002

    It even has the HD versions in that list. So all you have to do is determine the format you want, get the SID, and append it to the URL I provided above.

  5. It seems that this only works for trailers with the “other formats” listed. If you look at a recent one, you cannot get the URL on the trailers page located in the shortcut link underneath “Video Title”. It gives you a much shorter URL without the SID. Can you advise?

  6. That’s correct. The ones without the “other formats” means an HD trailer is not available for that particular movie/clip, therefore there is no SID for you to use to get the HD trailer.

    Similarly, not all trailers on Apple’s site have HD versions either. I believe it depends on the studios to make one available.

  7. I’m having a problem using IDM. It downloads a major part and then gets stuck. If I cancel it and start again, it requests for a password. I can use the normal Firefox downloader but that is very slow:-) I don’t have this problem when downloading from Apple. On another topic, is it the same process for downloading other than trailers e.g. super bowl spots? I saw some more on yahoo but have to do more experimenting on getting the right download link….

  8. I’m assuming IDM is some download manager. I’ve also hit problems while using dTa (DownThemAll!), but I believe restricting it to a lower number of simultaneous downloads fixed that problem.

    Downloading HD Super Bowl Spots is the same process. My automated scripts appear to still work with those, so I believe there’s no change. Of course if you take a look at the new instructions, they’re much easier to do.

  9. RE: joey

    If you right click the link, there should be a “Save Link As…

    “Save Page As…” only shows up if the think you right clicked was text or white space area.

  10. I am trying to write a small tool in c# to go to the apple/aol/yahoo pages and download the 720p trailers in the background so they’ll just magically appear for me on my server (I then have Tivo automatically xfer them so I can view on my TV, but anyways…)

    The problem I have is I keep getting a 404 error when browsing to the url.

    I thought maybe it was that yahoo knew it wasn’t a real browser, so I added headers to make it appear like IE. Still didn’t work, so I added a referer header. This didn’t fix it either. Any ideas? I’m open a completely different solution as well if one exists.

  11. Hmmmm. I’m not exactly sure why… Have you tried passing a working URL (one which you’ve downloaded before) directly into your C# app and see if it works?

    I’ve used wget and curl to download from Yahoo! before and both seem to work fine. Maybe you can execute a wget command from within your C# app as a last resort.

  12. I must be doing something wrong:

    C:\Storage\Apps\curl-7.18.0>curl –referer “” “”

    results in a 404, as did my wget test.

    BTW, the URL is the one for Mongrol. Worked with a save-as in IE. Are you able to use wget/curl now or before yahoo made their changes?

  13. I think I found your problem. You’re using & in your URL, which actually gets decoded into & when you save it through a web browser.

    The & is actually a special character that needs to be encoded to be html friendly.

  14. Thanks!! That was it. When I had my script scraping the URLs from the source, the &amp was there so it’d look right when viewed with a browser. I’ve removed all the “amp”s and it worked great.

    Thanks Again.

  15. Hi, thanks for all the great tutorials.. But for now i’ll stick to the links converted by u..

    U rock man..

    Ur blog is the best source for new and latest HD trailers.. Thanks a lot man..

  16. Hey guys when i download a trailer from yahoo i can only get to a certain point ~3Mb then it freezes. It happens with IE and FlashGet as well as Orbit the two download programs i use. But with these two if i pause and then resume it countinues then stops again at around ~6 Mb. I could do this till the trailer is finished but i can’t sit 45 minutes at night just to pause and resume. BTW the Orbit program can do 77 Mb then stop and have to repeat the process.
    What can i do to solve this problem.

  17. Weird. I know Yahoo trailers have problems with download accelerators, but it should work fine with just the standard IE right click > Save as.

    I assume Orbit is also another download accelerator like Flashget which allows you to download multiple parts of the file simultaneously to download faster.

    As noted earlier, Yahoo trailers have problems with download accelerators.

    If you set the download accelerator to only do 1 connection at a time, it should work. If not, try a different browser like Firefox or download tool such as wget.

  18. I made a little C# app where you can put the yahoo movie id into a command and it will spit back the SIDs for clips.

    Download here:\

    For the movie Wanted:
    Command: YahooClips.exe 1809878244 > C:/Clips.txt

    contents of created Clips.txt file:

    ‘Wanted’ Theatrical Trailer No. 2
    ‘Wanted’ Theatrical Trailer
    ‘Wanted’ Super Bowl Spot – Choice
    ‘Wanted’ Teaser Trailer
    Off the Rails
    Grab the Wheel
    I Knew Your Father
    Capture the Flag
    Shoot the Target
    The Wings Off the Flies
    Time to Say Goodbye
    Commentary Clip

  19. is there a link with all the trailers or should I say One big file with most of the trailers so I don’t have to download each one individually

    great site

  20. Unfortunately no. The closest thing I can see happening is a bittorrent file created with all the trailers and having people share. You can try using DTA (DownThemAll – extension on firefox) do it on a per page basis.

  21. This is a superb site for HD Movie downloads. Thanks for publishing such a website. I am having just one problem with downloads; whenever I resume a download, it asks for a password. Do I have to register for that? Although I don’t see a link to register. Please help!

  22. Well i have a problem, 2 actually…
    1st: How can i download the ‘metadata file’? Because i don’t understand that part:/
    2nd: I downloaded ‘weget’ and ‘curl’ and even that application that ‘LRFalk01’ posted but nothing works, i mean i try to open it, but the only thing that open it’s a small black windows that disappears 1 second later :s

    • It sounds like you’re not very familiar with the command prompt, so I wouldn’t suggest using wget or curl, and I have no idea what LRFalk01 is…

      Yahoo! has made it very difficult for the common user to download their trailers, and I think it’ll be rather difficult for you to learn it.

      Most of their HD trailers are already listed on our homepage, which you can then right click and save.

      To answer your questions.

      1. Metadata is a text file Yahoo! generates and passes to its video player, which then knows where to grab the correct video feed. To download the metadata, you generate the url from the instructions above and download the text file.

      2. To use wget/curl, you have to first launch command prompt. You can find this inside your list of programs, or run cmd. Here’s a beginner’s guide to the command prompt.

  23. I am trying to download metadata for video ID – 28466853
    Link –

    But the link –;element=stream;bw=3008;tech=mp4;id=28466853

    Gives error –
    error on line 14 at column 55: EntityRef: expecting ‘;’,0000:mdb:28466853 POPS – Video stream of ‘28466853’ Stream associated with ‘28466853’ 0,0000:mdb:28466853

    • The link you provided is actually working.

      My guess is you’re trying to view it inside your browser. Certain browsers don’t parse the file correctly. What you want to do is either download the file and open it up in your favorite text editor (e.g. Notepad), or after loading it in your browser, view the source (e.g. Firefox: Right Click -> View Page Source)

      What you’ll see is something that looks like:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
      <rss xmlns:cms="" xmlns:yahoo="" version="2.0" xmlns:media="" xml:lang="en-US" xmlns:atom="">
      <title>POPS - Video stream of '28466853'</title>
      <description>Stream associated with '28466853'</description>
      <title><![CDATA['Bernie' Theatrical Trailer]]></title>
      <media:content url="rtmp://" path="/legacy/130610142?b=30080&d=+y+130610142+28466853++atlas+mdb+950799446+s+&dt=us+us_t+sid+vid+b+cdn+cat+ca+ca_t+cp_d&m=video%2fmp4&ns=ps+ss&ps&ss=5d432e60-bf55-8208-e292-0000402c6f11&s=9125e9ced4b6d9b1443ae30f46a7c006" type="MP4/PDL" medium="video" expression="full" bitrate="3008" duration="129" height="720" width="1280"/>
      <cms:ult cat='mdb' cdn='y_atlas' sid='130610142' pl_s='5d432e60-bf55-8208-e292-0000402c6f11' plr_s=''/>
      <cms:device AccessKeySupport='true' CallSupport='tel' Entity_encoding_mode='9' Make='General' RTL_Support='true' ScreenHeight='160' ScreenWidth='120' access_key_support='true' call_support='tel' canvas_width='210' charset='UTF-8' cookie_support='standard' cookie_support_four_levels_domain='true' css_horizontal_sprite_support='true' css_simplified='false' css_sprites_support='true' css_support='Yes' deck_size='8000' device_class='4' device_grade='C' device_type='Mobile' entity_encoding_mode='9' gifSupport='Yes' gif_support='Yes' hero_class='false' image_slider='false' javascript_support='true' jpgSupport='Yes' jpg_support='Yes' mailto_encoding='sjis' make='General' markup_group='xhtml-mp' max_page_size='8000' onesearch_idle_ready='false' onesearch_wm_idle_ready='false' png24_alpha_support='false' pngSupport='No' png_support='No' screen_height='160' screen_width='120' small_font_support='true' sms_clickable_link='unknown' sms_support='true' streaming_video_vcodec_h264='false' stretch_support='true' upload_support='false' utf8_support='Yes' video_streaming='true' video_streaming_acodec_aac='false' video_streaming_acodec_amr='true' video_streaming_vcodec_h263_0='true'/>

  24. Hi I got the same problem as Gautam.
    This page contains the following errors:

    error on line 14 at column 55: EntityRef: expecting ‘;’
    Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.,0000:mdb:29304021 POPS – Video stream of ‘29304021’ Stream associated with ‘29304021’ 0,0000:mdb:29304021

    How do you fix this?

  25. This post is awesome. Totally works! Thank you so much for this! 🙂

    Guys, if you follow the directions given (which are stated very clearly enough already), then you’ll have no problem getting the videos!

    Thanks again. Much gratitude!

  26. What about for trailers on Yahoo Screen?

    I tried following the procedure above, but it doesn’t allow saving the mp4 file at the end; just the .html webpage stating that there an error. Thanks!

    • Hmmm. I took a look at a couple things on Yahoo! Screens and it looks like they don’t have HD. The MP4 files are only enabled for HD videos. Otherwise, they fall back to rtmp streams, which you’ll have to use something like rtmpdump to download.

  27. It’s not working anymore.

    Tried with “The Host” trailer now on Yahoo and they removed all the sid info from the metadata file, the reference numbers are now stored on their servers and aren’t downloaded at the metadata stage anymore:,0000:mdb:212007036
    POPS – Video stream of ‘212007036’
    Stream associated with ‘212007036’

  28. Hi there ! Any update on how to download the HD versions of the trailer since the revamp of Yahoo ? I still can download the SD version through Replay Media Catcher but it never detects the HD that comes after a few seconds…it’s driving me mad !

  29. Hey Krunk, I tried downloading some trailers and it works on some trailers, but on some of them it says “not found” after I plug in the Content id. Any way to work around that?

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