Project Wonderful

So I’ve gotten around to trying a new ad system: Project Wonderful. I first heard about it on Real Life Comics and decided to look into it. Also the fact that there was some way to get ads into my RSS feeds sounded interesting. I haven’t looked too deep into that yet, but it looks like due to the fact they have code for both <script> and <noscript>, the noscript part can be activated on RSS feeds, so if I inject the code directly into the feed php files, it should theoretically work.

I found many of AdBrite’s flash animation ads to be really annoying, so it wasn’t that difficult a decision to leave them. I still have the footer on AdBrite to compare it against the header which is now using Project Wonderful.

Some cool things about Project Wonderful include:

  • A lot of tweaks (i.e. banner size, text/graphical ads, enable/disable animation, open in new/same window, colors, audience catering, etc.)
  • Ad code that doesn’t necessary need to run JavaScript, so you can place it on RSS feeds.
  • Nice and helpful customer support. Sent an email, got a reply 5 minutes later not with an automated response or someone who doesn’t even bother reading my email, but an actual human telling what I had to do.
  • Once you’re approved, you can post ads on any site that you own. You don’t have to manually request for approval for additional sites.

I also heard about OpenX from my DreamHost newsletter (don’t worry, this site isn’t hosted on DreamHost). I’m not exactly sure how it works, but it sounds like another interesting ad server. If anyone knows about OpenX, please feel free to drop us a line telling us about it. Much appreciated.