It’s been awhile since I posted about any developments on this site. Work has kept me quite busy.

I’ve been fooling around with ads, as you probably have noticed (unless of course you use AdBlocker). Anyway, I still don’t quite like the layout nor the annoying flashing gif animations. I’ll be experimenting with text only ads and see how they fare. Before you ask me why I’ve opted for AdBrite and not Google Adsense, lets just say that Google Adsense doesn’t like this site for some reason, as my application was rejected without any explanation.

The “All Trailers” link has been moved from the bottom of the index pages to the top to make it more discoverable.

I’ve also received many requests to add a search engine for this site. As always, you were able to search for trailers using the built-in WordPress search engine. I do have plans to write one up and even supporting auto-complete. However for now, I just added a search box in the upper right hand corner that does an in-site search of via Google.

Also, there has been a request to label trailers with genre tags, which I’ve begun to. I’ve just been copying genre information from IMDb and adding them to the category list.