QuickTime Fallback


We’ve also altered our video player selection algorithm. Previously if you didn’t have an HTML5 browser capable of playing MP4 video or didn’t have Adobe Flash installed, we would show an error. Now, we also check to see if you have QuickTime installed and if you do, we fallback to QuickTime.

New URLs


We’ve made some changes to our homepage links (e.g. /TopMovies/ -> /top-movies/). For most people, impact should be minimal. We’ve also redirected the old links to the new ones. If you noticed some broken links or a previous link doesn’t redirect correctly, do leave a comment below with the details.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-25


For those of you who are wondering why no new trailers have been posted on our blog in over a month, it’s because the blog was merely a stopgap solution until we were able to automate our RSS feed for all the trailers on our homepage.

We have accomplished that and have stopped posting new trailers on the blog. The blog will remain as to provide new development news.

If you’re looking for our new RSS feed, please read this post.

New Blog Template

You may have noticed that our blog template has been changed! And I think it’s for the better!

I got sick and tired of templates going out of date and having bugs which I needed to fix every time the template got updated. That’s one of the main reasons why I decided to go with Twenty Eleven. For the past 2 years, WordPress has released a new template each year to showcase the new abilities of the WordPress platform. I figured that the default WordPress template would most likely be up to date and have the cool new trinkets that older templates don’t have.

I’ve also been thinking of redesigning our homepage and I really like the header and navigation bar of this template.

Let us know what you think!

More RSS Feeds!

There’s been a couple feature requests to have differentiated RSS feeds and I’m here to announce that the feature is completed.

The resolution-based RSS feeds will contain only download links and enclosures of that particular resolution. If that resolution isn’t available, it’ll fallback to the next highest resolution available.

The trailers / clips only RSS feeds are as the name indicates, it’ll contain only trailers or only clips. I know a bunch of you don’t really care about the clips, so the trailers feed should help you filter those out.

I haven’t found a good way to expose these RSS feeds yet, so for the time being they’ll be displayed on this blog post as well as alternative links inside the <head> of our homepage.

Let us know what you think!