Cinema Montage

Daniel Goland shared his latest work with us:

trailer cut poster

Cinema Montage by DGsWay

This HD trailer compilation was done really well and I just wanted to share it with you guys.

Watch in 1080p.

This is something I did for this one guy. He asked for an action packed montage, similar to my Trailer Cut. He gave me the list of films he wanted to see and in less than 2 days I finished this montage. I started it yesterday and finished a few hours ago, on and off 8.5 hours of editing..

I decided to upload it here cause I think turned out quite well. Let me know what ya think.

Edited on Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
Music used –
1.Mark Petrie – Omega Point.
2.E.S. Posthumus – Unstoppable.
3.Kosinus Music – Epic Action Combat.
4.Mark Petrie – Polar Shift.

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