Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-08

  • You know what they say… "Every time you miss a preview trailer, Jesus punches an angel in the anus…" #
  • @testxaccount Unfortunately I've only seen the SD trailer for Sleeping Beauty around. If I do locate an HD version, I'll let you know. in reply to testxaccount #
  • Check out this fan-made HD trailer for Transformers 3 (Dark of the Moon)! Download details in video description. #
  • Check out this Action Films 2011 HD trailers compilation done by our very own IG3N! This is EPIC! #
  • For those who missed out tweet last night, check out this EPIC Action Films 2011 HD trailers compilation! #
  • @mifff @siffnews I was thinking of going to see The First Grader. Got any other recommendations? in reply to mifff #
  • Is The Ledge the new Phone Booth? Stars Terrence Howard, Charlie Hunnam, Liv Tyler, and Patrick Wilson. #
  • Horror fans will enjoy this new take on zombies – Rammbock: Berlin Undead #
  • Oooh! A new HD trailer for Green Lantern (Ryan Reynolds) is out! via @hdtrailers #
  • Not quite sure what's going on, but Michael Winterbottom and Steve Coogan in The Trip do some pretty good impersonations #
  • Oooh! The full length HD trailer for Conan the Barbarian is out. What do you guys think? #
  • @soulless_swede Yep. Just noticed it. Should be fixed now. Thanks! in reply to soulless_swede #
  • Anna Faris and Chris Evans star in the upcoming romantic comedy – What's Your Number? A huge number of cameos too! #
  • Is anyone having issues browsing our site using IE9? I've gotten an email about it but was unable to reproduce the issue myself. #
  • Like hot chicks playing with big guns, then you won't be disappointed with @zoesaldana in Colombiana. #
  • In Her Skin appears to be an interesting mystery case involving a missing daughter starring Guy Pearce. #
  • AWESOME! Check out the 3 new character profiles for X-Men: First Class!!! #
  • For those who missed our tweet last night, check out the 3 new character profiles for X-Men: First Class!!! #
  • Check out my friend's short film The Bridge, an 8-minute WW2 re-enactment. Very well done! #
  • @tycheleto Hopefully soon. 1080p HD trailers are so sweet! 🙂 in reply to tycheleto #

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