Autoplay Feature + Play Latest

We’ve implemented the autoplay feature, something I’ve been planning to do for sometime. If you append #autoplay to any movie page (e.g., it’ll play the latest trailer. In actuality, all trailers and resolutions have their own #hash tag, which you can append and that trailer will automatically start playing when the page is loaded. However, that isn’t currently exposed to users yet. I trying to think of a way to redesign the movie page that’ll allow you to easily share links with the appropriate trailer playing.

You may have also noticed that on all of our index pages (e.g. Latest, Library, etc.) where there are posters, there is now a Play Latest button you can click on the bottom of the poster. All this does is trigger the autoplay feature of the movie page, so playing the latest trailer is only 1 click now instead clicking on the poster, scrolling to the trailers, and clicking on the resolution you want. If you happen to land on the movie page and just want to play the latest trailer, we’ve also added a Play Latest button right above the poster for your convenience.

Currently the autoplay feature defaults to 480p. We’re thinking of a way on how to let users choose their own preferred default resolution.

I’ve only tested this on Firefox 3.6, IE8, and Chrome 8, and they appear to work fine. If you hit into issues with a particular browser, please let us know.

More exciting stuff to come! Look forward to it! And don’t forget to sign up four our newsletter!

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