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Cinema 2010 Poster It’s been a long and exciting year for movies with several films that are bound to be favorites for a long time. Kees van Dijkhuizen has put together a compilation of movie clips set to several amazing soundtracks and wishes to share it with you all.

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We’ve reached the end of yet another unforgettable year of movies. Not only did this years movies push boundaries even further, they did so with impeccable risks. In a time of recession and playing-it-safe, films like Inception and The Social Network still found a great audience. But smaller films also, like Blue Valentine, Splice, Buried and Breaking Upwards found a loving audience. It’s crazy to think that all these films came out in one year, and so I tried my best do give them each a moment of glory.

I purposely chose for a more personal approach this year, seeing as a lot of other editors were making their own film retrospective. Cinema 2010 is a lot darker and deeper than 2009 and even hints to situations in my own life a couple of times (like my fear of heights and me finishing high school). I hope people will enjoy it even though it’s a little more heavy than past years, but that was because this has been quite a heavy year for me. Learn more about making Cinema 2010.

Thank you all for supporting the Cinema series and I greatly appreciate all your enthusiasm for my work. I just want you to know that without your amazing support, I probably wouldn’t be where I am now. Like not in a chair in my room, but editing wise. Check out more Cinema here.

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Again I ask you to support creativity and don’t steal it. If you want to enjoy the music used in this video, please do so by buying the tracks from a music store. This, of course, goes for movies as well. Here’s a link to the tracks in the iTunes Store.

Want to know what that one movie was? Check out a (insanely detailed) list over here.

Audio Copyright Notices:
‘Sigh No More’ by Mumford and Sons remains courtesy of Mumford and Sons, under exclusive licence to V2 Records International Ltd t/a Cooperative Music, ® 2009.
‘Invaders Must Die’ by The Prodigy remains courtesy of Cooking Vinyl Ventures Prodigy Limited under exclusive worldwide license to Cooking Vinyl Limited, ® 2009.
‘I’m Sorry, But I’m Beginning To Hate Your Face’ by Eagle Seagull remains courtesy of Eagle Seagull Music Inc., released under exclusive licence by [PIAS] Recordings ([PIAS] Recordings is a label of the [PIAS] Entertainment Group.), ® 2009.
‘Creep’ by Scala & Kolacny Brothers remains courtesy of Fratelli BVBA. Released under exclusive license by Wall Of Sound, ® 2010.

Edit © Kees van Dijkhuizen, 2010. Copying, selling or unauthorized use of this clip is against the law.

This project was 100% non-profit and not aimed at breaking copyright laws.

Thanks to Kees van Dijkhuizen for allowing us to host this!

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  1. This video is amazing, but u would have used some other songs in the place of ‘Invaders Must Die’ by The Prodigy & ‘Creep’ by Scala & Kolacny Brothers.Because the video is so good,This songs makes the video dull.I showed the video to my friends there said the same thing

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