Facebook Fan Page – Ideas Needed

For those who don’t follow us on Twitter or notice the new link at the bottom of our homepage, we’ve started our own Facebook Fan Page. We’re not sure how we plan on using it yet, but welcome any ideas.

Some of the things I’ve been contemplating about include:

  • Features/Requests/Suggestions can be done via the discussion boards
  • You can notify us of new trailers via our wall
  • Posting whenever a really cool trailer is released

Initially I began importing the blog posts via RSS feed, but that really just sort of spammed the fan page. Plus we already have RSS and Twitter for that, and I didn’t want the fan page to become another status update. On Twitter, it’s more about fans communicating with us. On Facebook, fans can now interact with each other, which I think is pretty neat.

Let me hear some ideas! 🙂

1 thought on “Facebook Fan Page – Ideas Needed

  1. i’m think there is no much sense use a facebook page for this, you said, it’s better use twitter and rss.
    It make sense if you have a FB page only to spread you have this website sahring HD trailers, and telling your updates will be notify via twitter

    just my comment
    good luck with it !

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